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The IJsselhallen, Zwolle forms the backdrop for the Dutch Organic Trade Fair. It 's the place to be for Dutch organic farmers, producers and trading companies, retailers, chefs and restaurateurs.



Meet current and new customers, get inspired, discover the latest trends,  display your new products for visitors to see and sample. For those who orientate on organic production or have a trade or profession in this direction, the Bio Beurs is a fast and attractive way to promote your business.


Bio-beurs 2017



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Pureness: Beauty, Wellness en Health

Pureness offers specific space to exhibitors who work with natural raw materials produced by organic farmers in the area of Beauty, Wellness and Health.
In this component, the developments in healthy and natural lifestyle products are highlighted where the highest of quality requirements apply. Pureness is given its own look and feel that fits in completely with the specific requirements of companies and visitors operating in this growing sector.


Sustainable points of sale offer more and more often not just organic food, but also non-food products of a sustainable and natural origin. The expansion with Pureness in 2018 makes the Bio-beurs even more attractive for both known and new visitors. Examples are visitor groups such as health food shopkeepers, those who run pharmacies and chemists and beauty experts. Entry to the Bio-beurs offers visitors automatic entry to Pureness and vice versa and, therefore, fruitful cross pollination takes place.


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An important development of the Bio-beurs is the further expansion of mechanisation and technology for, in particular, organic and current growers. More than 3,500 visitors from the farming sector from across the country have visited the Bio-beurs during the last edition.


Mechanisation and Technology are important components for them because organic agriculture also integrates new technological solutions at a high pace that strengthen natural and sustainable organic agriculture. Involving issues ranging from smart groundwater measurement, drone-sent information about the growth of plants in the field, automated milk robot systems, lightweight weeding tractors to GPS control and sowing and planting techniques, tillage to innovative housing systems.


During the 2018 edition, Bio-beurs MechaTech brings the latest technologies and innovations that support the further development of organic agriculture. With practical demonstration possibilities thanks to the expansion with the IJsselhal as the new MechaTech building of the Bio-beurs.

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