3 reasons why you should book a stand now

Personal gatherings and direct contact are important in the organic sector. This is why the Bio-beurs is highly appreciated by visitors and exhibitors.


More than 10,000 visitors
Bio-beurs and Pureness offer a strong platform as a trade fair duo where exhibitor visibility is the highest possible. The Bio-beurs has grown strongly during the past few years and about 10,000 visitors came to the Bio-beurs in 2018. Visitors who are interested in your services or products! Meet new customers and strengthen your ties with existing customers.


Name awareness
Visibility and profiling are also of paramount importance in the sustainable organic market. Bio-beurs is simply the place to show what you stand for and what you can offer visitors. The trade fair is also ideal to research and analyse the market and to position your brand even more strongly based on this.


Inspiration and knowledge
The Bio-beurs is known amongst exhibitors and visitors because of its strong programme with regard to content. This programme will be further expanded with Pureness with speakers about, for example, quality labels for natural cosmetics, beauticians and other experts. Extra attention is paid each year to starting entrepreneurs and the latest development in research with the general workshop range that is offered. The trade fair will not only lead to you being more visible, but will also be a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Over 10,000 visitors in two days

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