The Bio-beurs is an initiative of Bionext and Libéma. The Trade fair committee monitors the concept of the trade fair and gives advice. The Programme committee composes the workshop programme.

De Trade fair committee is composed as follows:

  1. Farmers / Farmer organizations (Boeren / boerenorganisaties (preferably representatives from the plant and animal sectors)
    • Biohuis Association Manager, Laurens Nuiten

    • Chairman trade fair committee Kees van Zelderen (dairy farmer)

    • Representative young farmers, plant sector: Bio-Romeo - Krispijn van den Dries

  2. Advisors on the Bio-beurs
    • Small independants: Maria van Boxtel (Land & Co, coordinator Regional square and chair programme committee)
  3. Trade and processing - several perspectives. At least one of these companies is a member of the BioNederland communication work group. 
    • Professionals with access to farms / Advice to conventional and organic: Agrifirm - Arend Zeelenberg

    • Trading Company: Nautilus - Femke Meijer

    • Purchase from abroad, sales NL: GreenAge, Meomodo - Sacha de Lint

  4. BioMechaTech
  5. Pureness
    • Yaviva, Pieter Hofland
  6. Representatives from the retailers
    • Biowinkelvereniging Association Manager, Yvonne Servaas

    • (Young) shopkeeper: Joren Jacobs, Natuurwinkel Amersfoort


The Programme committee is composed as follows:

  • Maria van Boxtel (chair)
  • Kees van Zelderen
  • Bert van Ruitenbeek
  • Talis Bosma
  • Leen Janmaat
  • Miriam van Bree
  • Wiebe Broekema / Edith Lammerts  van Bueren
  • Marry van den Top
  • Goaitske Iepema
  • Henk Gerbers

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