39. Core Organic – Optimizing organic product quality and developing guidelines for organic processing

Introduction: European cooperation in research for organic food and farming (15 min)

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality – Eric Regouin  


Core Organic, Susorganic : Development of quality standards and optimised processing methods for organic produce. (30 min)

Organic food is expected to be of high quality and produced sustainably regardless of its degree of processing. But there is a lack of guidelines for food processing conditions for organic raw materials, along with the environmental footprint of the product. In this project sustainability of different conservation methods of food have been researched and new techniques have been tested.  https://youtu.be/2lkfvqbINB0 (good short film on the project)

Speakers: Paola Pittia, food expert from the University of Teramo, Italy or Gardiss von Gersdorff,  food researcher at the University of Kassel, Germany


NEW: Core Organic, ProOrg: a Code of Practise for organic processing techniques (2018-2021)  (15 min)

Focus on: a flexible and practicable Code of Practice (CoP) for processors of organic foods, Close cooperation with organic stakeholders, testing the CoP at industry and retail level.

Speakers: Ariette Matser, sustainable process technology scientist, WUR 

Marian Blom - Bionext
wo 17 januari

16.30 - 17.30

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